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sumbul1a    Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program




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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program



The purpose of the LIHEAP program is to assist low-income citizens by offsetting the rising cost of home energy through direct financial assistance, energy counseling, outreach and education. According to funding availability, ERBA will offer three types of LIHEAP assistance:

1.             Energy Assistance: These one-time payments will apply to all income eligible households.  Applicants must prove they are low income and responsible for their home heating costs (the bills must be in your name OR if the utilities are included as part of the rent, your rent must be at least 30% of your income). Payments are determined by household size, fuel type, and geographic location.

2.             Emergency Services: Payments will apply to eligible households that are disconnected from their utility or where they supplier has refused to deliver fuel.

3.             Emergency furnace repair to restore a home heating source.


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