Updated COVID-19 Procedures for ERBA

All ERBA outreach offices are open. We are limiting the number of people per household attending appointments to two (2) adults. Appointments are still necessary. If you walk-in, an appointment will be made for you. The option for appointments to be completed by telephone or electronic means is still available, but again, an appointment will be necessary to complete this. The ability to do a pre-application from our website is still available, and you will still have the ability to provide the needed documentation electronically once you are informed what is required.

The ERBA Senior Centers in Crawford, Jasper and Richland Counties will re-open for on-site meals on July 6, 2021. Until then, we will continue to provide meals by home-delivery and carry-out to all those requesting them. On and after July 6, individuals must meet the homebound requirements in order to be eligible to receive home delivered meals. Please call the Senior Centers by noon the day before if you would like to receive a meal.

We will ask that you continue to use hand sanitizer when visiting our locations. Masks will be provided for anyone wishing to wear one. ERBA will continue its cleaning and sanitizing procedures as we’ve done throughout the pandemic.

We want to thank you all for your patience and understanding as we all have worked through the past year together. Thank you, and continue to be safe and healthy!